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Our Legend and Principles

You may not recognize EB Hire Service & Development as a main stream Event Planning and staffing organization since we are barely a fresh option within the trade market,  but, rest confident that we are committed to providing you with the most professional support you will ever be serve with in order to achieve the greatest results and a successful experience for your next event.


Since our opening in 2017 we have grown and expanded our institution to serve a wider service and staffing market within the south florida area, including but not limited to our Hospitality and Event Planning industries, as well as warehouse and Lumper staffing service. 

Our long lasting career experience within this industries, together with our self exploring commitment for finding new trade ventures have builded a concrete foundation in helping Event Planning and Hospitality Industry professionals to achieve their goals.   


If you are looking for real solutions  and professional service for your event planning and staffing service needs, your best option is to partner with us, EB Hire Service will provide you with the best and most qualified partnership in the trade.

Our commitment is to provide the best possible service at competitive rates, with unmatched attention to detail and unparalleled result for the Event Planning market with the South Florida area.

Our Mission

The answer is better service, accurate response, safer workplaces.

Your satisfaction is our priority, we care because your partnership with us makes our job the greatest experience ever.

Our goal is to connect talented people to help them strive and growth together.

Our Vision

EB Hire Service & Development is committed to provide inspiring ideas and impressing results to delight everyone we engage with on our professional journey.

Transparency and core values while encouraging teamwork and mutual respect between talented individuals and business partners.

Our Values

Equal ethnicty opportunity,Honesty, transparency and toughness to overcome any obstacle on our way to success. Our highly qualified, reliable, friendly and warm multicultural pool of talent is our core value to create exciting and memorable experiences. 

What makes us different?
Passion, commitment and Experience

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