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Our Trainings

EB Hire Service & Development is committed to providing the most qualified workers on the market. That's why we have created this critically important programs and set it up as one of our job requirement. At our company, we are confident that a safety oriented and knowledgeable employee is priceless to any institution. It brings core value, grow potential, and development resolve to every single organization.

Career development safety and skill trainings:

  • Banquet Service procedure.

  • Banquet Set Up Essentials.

  • Food safety and handling

  • OSHA General Industry safety Training.

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OSHA Training


A great benefit of using EB Hire Service staffing is, they're all certified by OSHA General Industry Safety Training and ready for the job. We would emphasize the importance of this safety training and encourage all company management to explore the benefits of OSHA safety training.

From the top executive officer of an organization to the ground floor crew of a company, OSHA training is essential to provide  a safe environment for everyone in any industry. The benefits of safety training are obvious, OSHA training is critically important for saving lives and preventing injuries. This trainings also reduce insurance costs and the damaging impact on the finances of any industry. Accident prevention is a key factor for any organization grow.

Banquet Set Up Training

Modern Conference Room

Everyone knows how hectic and stressing it is to bring an event to the "We are ready" stage, but almost everyone always ignore the behind the scene process. Not our team, we pride ourselves with every single outcome we provide to our clients for any type of event, and how we always go above and beyond to achieve such results.

Our Set Up training qualifies our team members for any daily task they have to overcome, from the most insignificant obstacles to the hardest and mostly demanding requests, we have the ethics and skills to get it done because we know how to make it happen.

Banquet Service Training


Knowledge is value and freedom, that's why we have taylor a state of the art banquet service procedure matched with the Florida state mandatory Food Handling certification program that provides all the essentials needed for the industry highest standard on demand. Our staff will be freely rock and rolling your event with the most confidence and service techniques you can experience, paired to independency and flawlessness workflow. Being accountable is their passion.

Food Handling Training

Preparing Food

A food handler is anyone who works in a food business that handles food or works with surfaces that are likely to be in contact with food such as cutlery, plates and bowls. It is requires that food handlers have appropriate food safety skills and knowledge to handle potentially hazardous foods. Food handlers must have completed a food safety training course or have skills and knowledge of food safety and hygiene matters commensurate with their work activities.

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